Cardi B Teases Sultry New Single ‘Enough (Miami)’ with Steamy Cover Art

Cardi B Teases Sultry New Single 'Enough (Miami)' with Steamy Cover Art

Cardi B, the reigning queen of hip-hop, has sent waves of excitement through the Bardigang with her latest announcement. The rap sensation, aged 31, took to social media on Tuesday to reveal that her newest single, “Enough (Miami),” is slated for release this Friday, accompanied by a tantalizing glimpse of the track’s artwork.

Cardi B Teases Sultry New Single 'Enough (Miami)' with Steamy Cover Art
Cardi B Teases Sultry New Single ‘Enough (Miami)’ with Steamy Cover Art

In the sultry cover image, the Grammy-winning artist exudes confidence as she reclines nude on a powder blue satin bench. Her flawless makeup lends her skin a radiant glow reminiscent of the ethereal Pat McGrath looks seen at the Maison Margiela Show during Paris Fashion Week, perfectly complementing the sheen of the sofa. With her long hair cascading elegantly over her shoulder and her pose resembling that of a mesmerizing mermaid, Cardi B captivates with her allure.

In the caption, she tantalizingly teased the impending release date of the single, writing, “ENOUGH (MIAMI) OUT THIS FRIDAY 😉.”

The announcement sparked a frenzy of anticipation among fans, with one enthusiast expressing, “im sorry for the person im about to become when this song launches.” Others marveled at Cardi’s stunning appearance, with one admirer declaring, “She is exactly the queen she thinks she is!😍🔥.”

Notably, Cardi’s celebrity pals also chimed in to show their support, with Taraji P. Henson exclaiming, “COME AAAAWWWWLLLL THA WAY THROUGH 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍🥶🥶🥶,” and Niecy Nash affectionately commenting, “Pretty girl 😍😍😍😍.”

The reveal of “Enough (Miami)” follows a recent snippet shared by Cardi B, offering a glimpse into the track’s menacing beat and a return to her signature rapid-fire, east coast rap style. With lyrical references echoing Crime Mob’s iconic “Knuck If You Buck,” the song promises to showcase Cardi’s fierce prowess and unapologetic attitude.

This upcoming release follows the drop of “Like What (Freestyle),” a track that sampled Missy Elliott’s 1999 classic “She’s a Bitch” and came with a music video directed by her estranged husband Offset. Amid speculation surrounding her forthcoming sophomore album, Cardi B continues to dominate the music scene with her electrifying presence and unparalleled talent, leaving fans eagerly awaiting what promises to be another chart-topping hit.

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