Cristiano Ronaldo Under Investigation for Alleged Lewd Gesture Towards ‘Messi’ Chanting Fans

Cristiano Ronaldo is under scrutiny following an incident where he appeared to make a suggestive gesture towards a group of fans after his team’s victory in the Saudi Pro League, prompting an investigation.

The incident unfolded shortly after Al Nassr’s 3-2 win against Al Shabab, as fans began chanting ‘Messi’ in an apparent attempt to provoke Ronaldo. Responding to the taunts, Ronaldo was seen putting his hand to his ear and then making the gesture towards the crowd. Although the moment was reportedly not aired during the broadcast, it was captured by a fan in the stadium.

Saudi newspaper Asharq al-Awsat revealed that the country’s football federation has initiated an investigation into the matter. However, Al Nassr has refrained from commenting on the incident, likely due to Ronaldo’s superstar status.

This isn’t the first time Ronaldo has faced ‘Messi’ chants from opposing fans, and he has previously shown visible reactions to such provocations. Last year, he was spotted grabbing his crotch while walking off the field after Al-Hilal supporters chanted Messi’s name. Ronaldo has also blown kisses towards fans when confronted with similar chants.

While some fans and Saudi pundits have called for Ronaldo’s suspension, it’s unlikely that the Saudi Pro League would take action against its biggest star, preferring to avoid any disruptions to his playing time.

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