Harvey Guillén Reflects on Working Opposite Friend Ariana DeBose in Disney’s ‘Wish

Harvey Guillén, known for his versatile acting roles, recently shared insights into his experience working alongside longtime friend Ariana DeBose in Disney’s animated musical, “Wish.” In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Guillén discussed how their real-life friendship contrasted with their on-screen characters and the joy of collaborating on a project they had long hoped for.

Harvey Guillén Reflects on Working Opposite Friend Ariana DeBose in Disney's 'Wish
Harvey Guillén Reflects on Working Opposite Friend Ariana DeBose in Disney’s ‘Wish

Guillén revealed that the opportunity to work with DeBose came as a delightful surprise, as they had both expressed a desire to collaborate for years. Despite the secrecy surrounding casting, DeBose’s unexpected text to Guillén confirmed their involvement in the project, leading to a joyous reunion on set.

In “Wish,” Guillén and DeBose portray characters with a dynamic that differs from their real-life friendship, adding depth to their performances. Guillén’s character, Gabo, and DeBose’s character, Asha, share a complex relationship marked by occasional disagreements, contrasting with the genuine camaraderie they share off-screen.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Chris Buck, “Wish” follows Asha’s journey alongside the cosmic force Star as they confront the formidable villain King Magnifico. Guillén’s character Gabo, representing Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, adds a unique dynamic to the group of friends aiding Asha in her quest.

Despite their real-life bond, Guillén emphasized the importance of embodying their characters authentically, separate from their personal relationship. He acknowledged the challenge of portraying Gabo’s grumpy demeanor while maintaining the underlying care and compassion for Asha, a testament to his versatility as an actor.

Guillén expressed gratitude for the opportunity to delve into a character as distinct as Gabo, showcasing his range as an actor. He highlighted Gabo’s underlying humanity and moral compass, emphasizing the importance of empathy and compassion in every interaction.

“Wish” is now available on digital platforms, offering audiences a heartwarming adventure filled with friendship, magic, and the enduring spirit of Disney storytelling.

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