Have We Officially Entered the Anime-Core Era?

Have We Officially Entered the Anime-Core Era?

In a period when life is hectic and complex, fashion seems to hold a mystical allure that soothes the soul.

Have We Officially Entered the Anime-Core Era?
Have We Officially Entered the Anime-Core Era?

Each of us has cherished legendary animated films, whether grown or still in our youth, they persist as a steadfast fortress. Many fashion brands have capitalized on the captivating allure of cartoons and sought new customers. Anime and Manga from Japan have constructed an empire, making the nation famous for its animation industry earning over tens of billions annually.

A prime example is the collaboration between Jimmy Choo and the producers of Sailor Moon, resulting in a capsule collection featuring light pink knee-high boots, sparkling high-heeled shoes, and handbags adorned with cartoon illustrations.

On the same day, a group of artists from MSCHF announced the launch of the “Big Red Boot” (now sold out), an oversized design inspired by the iconic Japanese comic book character Astro Boy. This model immediately garnered attention: dozens of celebrities wore them, from Glass Onion to Sarah Synder. However, this also sparked confusion and humorous memes on the topic.

Now, fashion enthusiasts are divided into two camps: those who believe they are entirely unwearable and those who have spent hours buying them online. But most importantly, MSCHF’s boots have highlighted a long-standing trend: the fusion of fashion with a passion for cartoons.

Past collaborations include Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton and the artistic partnership between J.W. Anderson and Studio Ghibli. Therefore, anime and manga in fashion are not entirely new. In 2021, Gucci paid homage to the famous robot cat Doraemon with an exclusive collection. That same year, Loewe released a collection inspired by the Oscar-winning film Spirited Away, while Balmain drew inspiration from Pokemon, particularly Pikachu.

However, delving deeper, you can see that certain anime series have directly or indirectly influenced the dressing style of young people, even before prestigious fashion brands recognized their potential. Sailor Moon began appearing in Western media outlets in 1995, and since then, crop tops, jumpsuits, and chic chrome-colored denim jackets have become part of the daily wardrobe for teenage girls. On the Western side, the influence of animated series like Totally Spies and Winx Club is notable. And now, with fashion brands acknowledging this phenomenon, we have officially entered the anime-core era.

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