How to Dress Like a Genuine “Barbie Girl”?

How to Dress Like a Genuine "Barbie Girl"?

If you need something fun for life, try 5 ways to pursue the “Barbiecore” fashion trend – a trend on the rise this summer.

How to Dress Like a Genuine "Barbie Girl"?
How to Dress Like a Genuine “Barbie Girl”?

Summary: Exploring Barbiecore Aesthetics 5 Ways to Embrace the Barbiecore Trend Mini Skirts and Wide-Leg Pants Feather Accents Chunky Platform Heels Playful Accessories With the release of the Barbie movie this year, many predict that the Barbiecore trend will make all fashion enthusiasts “immerse” in a sea of pink. Although it’s not difficult to imagine “Barbiecore,” this trend actually emerged several years before the previews of the upcoming Barbie movie.

Exploring Barbiecore Aesthetics The Mattel Barbie doll first hit shelves in 1959 and has always been considered a “good friend” to girls worldwide. However, this doll doesn’t always wear pink outfits representing this trend but often sports a black-and-white striped ensemble. Additionally, contributing to the popularity of this trend is artist Nicki Minaj, who has been frequently associated with Barbiecore, and luxury brand Valentino with its captivating Pink PP Collection in 2022.

Now in 2023, with the excitement surrounding Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie movie, the Barbiecore aesthetic is undoubtedly gaining stronger momentum than ever.

Even famous shows like “Sisters Who Ride the Waves” from China cannot resist Barbiecore. 5 Ways to Embrace the Barbiecore Trend Mini Skirts and Wide-Leg Pants Barbie is a petite girl who likes to stand out with her feminine charm in short pink dresses, which you can pair with white stockings to highlight long legs. Additionally, pleated mini skirts or wide-leg pants are suitable choices, providing a comfortable and confident feeling like a princess.

Feather Accents Barbie girls love bold accessories on their clothes, and among their favorites are feather accents. They are eye-catching, so even a simple bright pink dress can easily turn heads.

Chunky Platform Heels Many celebrities who love the Barbiecore trend own very tall chunky platform heels and wear them without hesitation. Not only do they significantly increase height, but they also serve as standout accessories when hitting the streets.

Playful Accessories No accessories will make a Barbie dull. Therefore, most Barbie girls always wear a pair of earrings, whether they are shaped, colored, or patterned, they are all attractive. Occasionally, you will see princesses also wearing bracelets, headbands, berets, and a pair of sunglasses.

Accessories always highlight every look.

Barbie and Ken in their favorite roller skates have appeared in a scene from the trailer.

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