Trending Fabric Materials Dominating the Fashion Scene in 2023

Trending Fabric Materials Dominating the Fashion Scene in 2023

If you’re a fashion enthusiast or someone who cares and loves fashion, you shouldn’t miss out on the fabric trends dominating in 2023.

Trending Fabric Materials Dominating the Fashion Scene in 2023
Trending Fabric Materials Dominating the Fashion Scene in 2023

Summary The Golden Age of Denim Time to Shine for Seductive Symbolic Materials Mirror Finish and Gold/Silver Plating Surfaces – Timeless Effects Silk Fabrics Still Present! A Showdown between Leather and Latex Feathers Still as Captivating as Ever Playground of Sustainable Materials Sequin – The Queen of Party

Fabric or more specifically textiles, are considered one of the essential factors in the fashion world. More than just about silhouette, color, or details, a complete and highly regarded design often heavily depends on the material used. Indeed, for renowned fashion brands, material is crucial in determining pricing, quality, and brand value. Therefore, when discussing fashion trends after each fashion season, it’s not just about clothing, accessories, footwear, makeup, etc., but textiles also play a significant role. As a new fashion season kicks off with numerous fashion shows, the trend rankings are filled with a plethora of new trends. Amidst the abundance of articles on the leading fashion trends of 2023, here are the fabric types showcased on the runways this year that fashion enthusiasts cannot afford to miss.

The Golden Age of Denim Observing the runways across this year’s seasons from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter, fashion enthusiasts surely noticed the positive presence and tremendous allure of denim. Faded, embroidered, torn, patched,… denim asserts its “immune” beauty in every runway with every shade. Originally considered a fabric for the working class, denim, along with its impact on fashion (especially streetwear fashion), not only dominates in the Ready-To-Wear collections of contemporary brands but also finds its way into some haute couture labels with special and classy creative imprints. With a spirit of freedom, ruggedness from the streets, and a particularly compelling allure, denim will undoubtedly be a fabric that shakes up the fashion world for many years to come, not just in 2023.

Time to Shine for Seductive Symbolic Materials Not overwhelmed by thick fabrics typical of Fall/Winter, the runways of the Spring/Summer 2023 season always impress with the invasion of delicate, sheer fabrics like chiffon, lace, or intricately knitted meshes created by top-notch artisans. Along with the trending ruffle designs, translucent fabrics are elevated to a new level – charming, elegant, and extremely refined, simultaneously securing a new position on the trend chart.

Mirror Finish and Gold/Silver Plating Surfaces – Timeless Effects From Haute Couture to Ready-To-Wear, from womenswear to menswear, 2023 is perhaps another year where mirror finishes, gold/silver plating effects continuously rock every runway of a plethora of fashion houses, becoming one of the popular trend-setting fabric/material types. In the recent Haute Couture season, layers of copper, mirrored, or sparkling sequin fabrics were meticulously cut, creating incredibly neat, delicate lines that made body curves more agile and attractive than ever. The special bronze hue shines even more brightly with meticulously attached gemstones, meeting the refined and luxurious spirit of Haute Couture. On RTW runways, this type of material also leaves a deep impression as it becomes a focal point in entire collections.

Silk Fabrics Still Present! For brands closely associated with femininity and allure like Versace or Fendi, shimmering silk fabrics have perhaps never been absent from their collections. Silk is also one of the fabrics that consistently ranks high on the trend chart regardless of the season or year. With a special effect, silk brings sophistication to designs. With bold fashion spirit in the modern age, silk doesn’t always have to be sleek and smooth, as it can also be wrinkled, as seen in Versace Spring 2023 or Burberry Spring 2023.

A Showdown between Leather and Latex Leather has always been considered one of the top-class and familiar materials in the fashion world. It is fair to say that no fashion house has not utilized leather or showcased it on the runway. Therefore, it’s also the reason why leather remains a lasting material in the trend cycle. Alongside leather, latex is also a favored material by many fashion houses today. Providing a similar effect to leather, but what makes latex different is its sensual, highly captivating appeal. From the runway to everyday wardrobes, latex has truly attracted and won the hearts of fashion enthusiasts.

Feathers Still as Captivating as Ever Feathers are not unfamiliar on fashion runways, and they have even been mentioned frequently in recent seasons. No longer confined to coats, jackets, or scarves, feathers have been depicted in various designs that leave a deeply profound impression, from evening gowns, handbags, mini skirts to hats,…

Playground of Sustainable Materials For today’s fashion professionals, to sustain a brand in the market, they not only have to ensure the aesthetics and quality of their designs but also their sustainability. With Earth facing many pollution issues, fashion companies are compelled to find solutions, and the most direct and practical solution is about materials. In recent years, fashion has introduced many sustainable materials, alternative leather/fabrics to minimize harm to the environment. At the same time, they also showcase them on runways with various designs and colors, ensuring both effects and quality are maintained. Natural linen, naturally dyed fabrics, plant-based leather, biodegradable fabrics,… all are materials on the list of trending fabric/material trends in fashion in 2023.

Sequin – The Queen of Party From Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter, from ready-to-wear to high fashion, sequins have always been the material that designers “select to send gold” in their newest designs. If in the past sequins were somewhat “picky” for wearers due to their overly flashy appearance, today with a very open-minded fashion spirit, sequins have appeared more frequently in every aspect of fashion enthusiasts’ appearances. Sequins can be easily spotted anywhere, from luxurious runways to ordinary street corners. And of course, sequins are one of the trending materials “illuminating” the fashion scene in 2023.

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